About Us

Grand Mount International School was founded in 2016 to offer a quality 3-18 delivery of both the Khmer National and International Curricular. From 2019-20 this has included transitioning to the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage for preschoolers, and adoption of Cambridge International Primary & Secondary, leading to world-renowned IGCSE – or International Certificate in General Secondary Education – currently the world’s most popular university foundation course entrance qualification for 16-17 year olds.

We are already a registered Cambridge English Language Exam Preparation Centre, meaning our students can be entered for the range of globally respected qualification exams such as Starters, Movers, Flyers, Key and Preliminary – which are all to the same format as IELTS, or International English Language Testing System, the world’s number one English Language Test of English for university entrance – and even immigration in some countries.

You will often read very vague, general and prosaic aims described on many international school websites, but our intention is that children at this school succeed foremost academically as evidenced by the grades achieved in externally set examinations. Why? Because that is primarily what most parents want and invest in. So with that reality check in our minds first we are then freed up to look at all the fun, creative, imaginative and effective ways we can use to secure the grades that open the doors and one way we are achieving this is by our SMART School status – the intelligent use of the vast range of quality on-line resources that are now available.

Naturally there is still the vital need for all schools to offer a broad foundation, and to balance our focus on the academic and vocational we have expanded our enrichment and extra-curricular programme to develop student interest, aptitude and talent in several new activities and we can boast notable achievement in both community service and inter-school competition, as this website shows.

Clearly we are interested in nurturing winners, but we do hope too that the simple values as exemplified by our thoughtfully recruited teaching and support staff – honesty, hard work, courtesy, respect, empathy and kindness, as well as a sense of humour – will presage a healthy and happy tomorrow not just for our learners but all whom they come into contact with.

So all that said, why not join us?