Q. What is your school calendar?

A. School generally begins in early August normally the beginning of the second week, and ends on June 31st.New student/parent orientation is scheduled during the first month of school. You will find that GMIS calendar consists of the same number of instructional days as most International schools to include US and UK schools. Please check the school calendar in the Admissions section of our website for the most up-to-date information
Q. What are your school hours?
A.  The school day begins at 7:30 am and ends at 4:45 PM
Q. Do you have transportation services?
A. Yes, GMIS operates a private fleet of school vans for morning pick up and after school drop off.

Q. What are your class sizes?
A. Maximum class sizes are as follows:
The average class size is currently 10-14 students, however our maximum classroom number will/should not exceed 25 students.

Q. Do you have uniforms for the students?
A.  Yes, GMIS has uniforms for sale at the school office. The uniform consists of a shirt/blouse with the school emblem skirt for girls or dark blue trousers for boys, and P.E. uniforms.
Physical Education (PE) uniforms are required at all levels. Primary students wear the PE uniforms to school on the day they have PE classes.

Q. What kind of shoes should my child wear?

A. Most shoes are fine. However, for safety purposes, flip-flops or beach sandals without a heel strap are not allowed. Sneakers are required for PE classes.

Q. Do you have a lunch program?

A. At GMIS we run a full catering food service which provides students with a selection of delicious entrées for lunch and snacks.  Meals for the Early Years or K students are set meals.
Q. Can parents use the facilities at GMIS?
A.  Normally GMIS does not allow the parent community to use the school facilities, however parents may be granted permission to use facilities based on their purpose and individual request.

Q. How do you select my child’s class? A great deal of effort is invested in creating balanced classrooms in order to provide for the most effective instruction. We try to balance each Primary and Middle school classrooms in terms of gender, nationality, language proficiency, academic ability, and maturity level.

Q. I would like to exchange e-mails with a parent at your school. Can you put me in touch with another parent?
A. If you would like to be put in touch with a parent at our school via e-mail, please send an e-mail to the GMIS Admissions Office at www.——-  and they will forward your mail to the GMIS parent.

Q. What supplies do I need to bring to school?

A. All basic school supplies for Early Years and or Kindergarten are included in tuition fees. For Primary the homeroom teacher will provide the students with a list of personal supplies which they will be responsible for. Students will want to bring a backpack for carrying items back and forth from home. Occasionally an item affiliated with a particular class, i.e., a scientific calculator for math, may need to be purchased. The classroom teacher will notify you of this in plenty of time. Students in grades 6 to 8 should provide their own binders, paper, pens and pencils.

Q. Do you have any after-school activities?

A. Not at the present time but we are hoping to establish after school activities in the near future.

Q .Where are your teachers from?

A. Our IC teachers represent an international body, coming from all over the world, including: Currently we have teachers from the USA, Canada, UK, Philippines, Fiji, and Thailand teaching in our IC curriculum. Our language teachers are native speakers from their home countries, and our National Curriculum teachers are all Cambodian.

Q. Do you administer Standardized achievement tests?

A. The National Curriculum Tests are administered in accordance with the Cambodian Ministry of Education, and our International Curriculum students will sit for the Cambridge Curriculum IGCSE exams from the UK, taken in Year 11.

Q. What amount of homework should my child expect?

A. This varies by division of the Curriculum and is a gradual build-up to the heavier academic loads of university and preparatory programs. For example, a Year 2 student may have only 20-30 minutes of homework per day while a high school student may have up to two hours per day. Please note however that a student who enrolls in our full day IC+NC program will have significantly more homework as delivered in English and Cambodian.

Q. What modern languages are offered?

A. Khmer, English, and Mandarin/Chinese.

Q. How long does the GMIS admission process take?

A. Once an application is complete and all the necessary documents have been received, the application will go forward for qualification. This process can take approximately one to three days.