Our Curriculum
Many international school websites feature prosaic descriptions about their well-rounded, academic and holistic curricular that aim to balance high
scholastic attainment with personal, social, creative and sporting development. Although clearly laudable, the achievement of these outcomes can be
difficult to verify except through external inspection and accreditation, such as by gaining status as an International Baccalaureate or Cambridge
International School.
For these reasons, we are happy to announce that from 2019-20 GMIS will be offering a Cambridge – based Primary and Secondary Curriculum which
includes preparation for the world-renown Cambridge IGCSE (International Certificate in General Education), one of the most recognised and popular
university foundation course entry requirements across the globe.

We are already an Approved Preparation Centre for Cambridge English Assessment which offers highly standardised examinations in Reading, Writing,
Speaking and Listening for learners from seven years and upwards, beginning with Cambridge Young Learners English and culminating with IELTS (the
International English Language Testing System). IELTS is the world's number-one English Language credential for university entry and also an immigration requirement for some Anglo-sphere or English speaking countries such as Australia and New Zealand.
We also aim to meet the detailed and demanding criteria required to become a registered Cambridge International School within a short time and the good news is that in the interim our students can be entered for their IGCSEs in any of the numerous Cambridge authorised exam centres that are open to private candidates.
Do have a read of what we offer, or better, please call in for a chat if you have time!
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