Academic Programs for Early Years through Year 11

Grand Mount International School offers all levels/stages of academics, from Early Years programs for students aged 3 to 5 years old, Primary school for students aged 6 to 11, Middle School for students aged 12 to 13 and we will be providing Secondary/High School for students 14 to 17 as we progress.

International Curriculum (IPC & IGCSE) + Cambodian National Curriculum

We currently provide a National and International Education from Nursery to Year 7 we will offer year 8 next year in school year 2018-19 and add an additional class/grade level each year until Year 11. We provide the environment and conditions for learning, through self-discovery and self-expression. This is made possible by creating a warm and friendly learning environment and utilizing internationally accepted curriculum’s and methodologies which promote and provide an academic experience which meets international standards and in line with our school vision, ethos and philosophy. GMIS is an independent school licensed by the Cambodian Department of Education, we have also been authorized to teach our learners through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Our future implementation of the Cambridge International Primary Program and IGCSE will also ensure learners have access to internationally bench-marked tests in English, Mathematics and Science. Our Cambodian National Curriculum prepares students for all national exams, and in accordance with all the academic requirements for Cambodian University acceptance. For our students who enroll in both our IC & NC program they will be prepared and eligible to attend Universities worldwide.

General English Program (GEP)

Our GEP program is available and offered either as a supplement to students enrolled in our Cambodian National Curriculum and or a standalone program for families who just want their child to be proficient English Speakers. Our GEP program is our most affordable program and available for students from 3 to 16 years old. Please note that our General English Program does not provide any transferable credit for university acceptance, however it may very well enable our GEP students to score high marks on the TOEFL and IELTS exams.